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Heatmap by Nullcast
As part of that film photography course I submitted a piece to the county fair (there's probably nothing fair about letting community college students compete in the same division as highschoolers).  This is the study I took with the digital before shooting with film.
Oooooh Scary! by Nullcast
Oooooh Scary!
So I took a traditional film photography class last year in addition to my last foreign language requirement.  Pretty late in the process we got into low light photography techniques.  Of course this is much easier to do if you bring along a digital camera to check your exposure against.  This one is a 30 second flashlight lightpainting of the campus arboretum entrance.  I thought it looked pretty cool but the professor thought it was kinda trite.
Faux kodachrome. by Nullcast
Faux kodachrome.
I always thought the weird off colors in highlights in old photographic publications were a result of the films and processes in use at the time.  It appears I was wrong.  I shot this with my new favorite toy, a Zeiss Super Ikonta of some sort (I haven't found the model number yet).  It seems those weird soft and blended highlight colors are a result of shooting color film on an uncoated lens.  Kinda nifty, not sure I want it to happen all the time though.

Edit: That or I should clean the camera that hasn’t been used since the 40/50s before I use it.  It looks like it was dirtier than I thought.  I still need to run another roll to test what caused it.


Steven Clark
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It looks like while I was kinda depressed (or when it's a result of a change in circumstances is it oppressed?) and not taking pictures Fuji wen't and stopped making my two favorite films: Astia 100f and Superia Reala.  I'll switch to Kodak Ektar 100 and see how I like it, but this is starting to get annoying.  If Fuji won't keep making high-lattitude color films and Kodak is likely to cease to exist will it stay practical to shoot film anymore?  And if I can't shoot film with the characteristics I want; and can't afford a dSLR, a range of lenses to replace my FD stuff, and software to merge for HDR; do I even want to be putting the energy and money into this hobby until I'm at a better place in life?

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Hey, this might be a bit random, but I love your signature quote. XD
Nullcast Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
It's actually the quote I had put in my senior yearbook. I think about that time I was trying to convince my AP physics class we should design an impractical particle beam weapon for the hell of it after the test was done.
parallellogic Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
Heh, I must admit I was drawn in by your quote as well. I'm looking to work on an engineering internship in Carlsbad in a couple weeks and thought that was an interesting coincidence, since that's where you've listed yourself as residing.
Nullcast Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
It's Oceanside now. Couldn't find a roommate in time to keep the apartment.
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Awesome. XD It only gets worse after college. Our physics club blows stuff up in crosswalks while the lights are red.
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Your photography is excellent
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